X-ray Before & After

Case 117: Female, 13years old

Xrays before and after 117 Great results from a 13-year-old girl who just did her 6-month review with her specialist doctor at the hospital. She completed 6 months of non-surgical scoliosis treatment with Dr Kevin Lau and we are happy to report her scoliosis went from 47 degrees to 42 degrees. Our goal would be to avoid the need for surgery and with how her progress is we do think that is achievable!

Congratulations on the effort put into your care and we look forward to better results over time.

Case 116: Female, 13years old

Xrays before and after 116This 13-year-old girl came to us because of her scoliosis. After 6 months of treatment with Dr Kevin Lau once a week along with following her home exercises we are happy to report her scoliosis went from 35 degrees to 19 degrees! The before and after picture also highlights the importance of treating scoliosis in 3 dimensions with her forward head posture and hunching improving along with her confidence.

At ScolioLife we treat the person... not just scoliosis! Congratulations on the hard work she had put into her care. We look forward to more amazing results with all our patients.

Case 115: Female, 12years old

Xrays before and after 115 A 12-year-old girl underwent the ScolioLife scoliosis program with Dr Kevin Lau. She initially came to us with a 37-degree curvature in the lower back and achieved an impressive 18 degrees reduction in her scoliosis, with it measuring 19 degrees now! She was instructed on her daily scoliosis exercises along with wearing a ScolioAlign brace by Dr Kevin Lau.

We are happy about the amazing results and thank the parents for allowing us to share her results. If you are looking for correcting scoliosis and avoiding surgery book an appointment to see Dr Kevin Lau soon.

Case 114: Female, 10years old

Xrays before and after 114 Great results for a 10 year old girl who did our ScolioLife™ non-surgical scoliosis treatment and ScolioAlign™ brace. When she came to us she already had a 34-degree curvature and was told by the hospital specialist to get a Boston brace. The dad did more research and found out about how our ScolioAlign™ overcorrective brace could improve scoliosis and not just prevent it so booked a consult with Dr Kevin Lau.

For the last 6 months, she came once a week for therapy while doing her prescribed exercises at home. Xrays were taken at the hospital 6 month review and we are happy to report her scoliosis has improved by 11 degrees! While the specialist attending to her encouraged her to continue her treatments with Dr Kevin Lau as they are surprised with her results in such a short period of time.

Case 113: Female, 21years old

Xrays before and after 113Were you told adults have no chance of improving their scoliosis? Well, this is not true!

Today we did a 1 year follow up with a 21-year-old girl who is currently studying in USA. Before going overseas for her studies she completed 3 months of treatment and had a ScolioAlign™ 3D brace made for her. She was advised on what to do once she was overseas with a scoliosis exercise program along with wearing the brace 3 hours a day.

We are happy to report that her scoliosis had improved whilst doing her program overseas and you can see visually in her before and after postural images, her back and pelvis is more centered and balanced. The right-sided shoulder hump caused by her scoliosis is also not as prominent as before.

Case 112: Female, 14years old

Xrays before and after 110 A great start to the week by delivering an amazing scoliosis correction to a patient who had been with us for 6 months. This 14-year-old girl already had scoliosis in the surgical range when she came to see us. She had an S-shaped scoliosis which was 44 degrees on the top and 45 degrees on the bottom of the spine. She had tried the standard boston brace given by her hospital but her scoliosis still continued to worsen until the specialist recommended surgery.

We changed her brace to a ScolioAlign™ 3D brace along with giving her an individually tailored scoliosis treatment program. She was committed to the program and while wearing her brace when she was at home. As with all the cases we treat, postural images are used to compare before and after treatment. She is getting good scoliosis correction and visual improvements of her body symmetry. The parents and daughter are happy to know they can avoid the surgery with her spine improving under Dr. Kevin Lau care.

Case 111: Female, 21years old

Xrays before and after 110 The results you can see are what we strive for at ScolioLife Clinic. Over the past 15 years in practice, Dr Kevin Lau has improved his non-surgical scoliosis treatment methods to achieve results which anyone with scoliosis can attain regardless of age. The latest results are from a 21-year-old Singaporean woman who was concerned about preventing her scoliosis from getting worst as she went into the workforce.

We did a once a week program over 3 months with home exercises customised to her type of scoliosis. The results on x-ray showed her scoliosis went from 29 degrees to 21 degrees. Congratulation on the hard work you have put into your health. We hope what you have learned about caring for your scoliosis will help you in the years to come.

Case 110: Female, 27years old

Xrays before and after 110 This week we did a post-treatment review for a 27-year-old female patient. She had not sought treatment or seen anyone since when she was younger about her scoliosis and had lived without pain. However, she did not want to keep ignoring her condition and decided to explore if there was a way to treat her scoliosis even when she was an adult.

She was not keen on wearing a brace so she decided to do the 24 sessions once a week with home exercises tailored by Dr Kevin Lau. After 6 months we took another x-ray and was pleasantly surprised with her results. Her scoliosis before she started was 49 degrees and after the treatment is now reading 42 degrees!

While she understands that her scoliosis will never be completely straight is more confident in the fact that she knows how to take care of her spine as she gets older. Congratulation on achieving such a wonderful result in a short period of time.

Case 109: Female, 38years old

Xrays before and after 109Today we share the amazing results of a 38-year-old patient who was living in Singapore but went back home before COVID struck and was subsequently stuck in India. As international borders closed she continued with her scoliosis treatment at home using the exercises and ScolioAlign brace as directed by Dr Kevin Lau.

We would organize 6 monthly reviews via zoom to follow up on her progress along with updating her program. As she cannot take X-rays due to the worsening COVID situation in India, we instructed her to take a photo of her back so we can compare it to the one she took with us a year ago. We are happy to see that her shoulders are more balanced and her body was more centered even with home treatment. The hump on the right side of her upper back is noticeably reduced and more symmetrical as well.

We congratulate her on the results achieved during a difficult year due to COVID. We hope once the situations get better we will see you in person soon.

Case 108: Female, 24years old

Xrays before and after 93A question we commonly asked is, "can you correct scoliosis even if you are an adult?" The answer is yes! An adult spine is not as flexible as a teenager which means correction tends to be less but still possible. Having realistic goals in your scoliosis treatment is important.

Today we show the before and after results of a 24-year-old lady who chose to do Dr Kevin Lau treatment of once a week therapy along with the ScolioAlign brace. The x-ray showed that her spine even as an adult is still quite flexible with the curve going from 49 degrees to 18 degrees! That's over 50 per cent in-brace correction which is an amazing result.

We look forward to seeing the post-treatment x-ray results to see what her scoliosis has achieved out of the brace. However for now we congratulate her on the positive improvements achieved in only 1 month.