I had always had lower back ache since I can remember. It was an ache that would come on after doing anything physical like house cleaning, sport, etc. And in rare occasions it would ache even after doing none of those things. About October 2007 I noticed that after physical activity not only my lowerRead more

Isla West
Sports Fanatic Finds Relief
Gold Coast, Australia

"I have been suffering from migraine since I was 12, thought I didn't know what was it then, in my adulthood, the migraine became worse - triggered just by bright sunlight. I saw the best eye specialists in Asia and Australia ad the best neurologist in Singapore. They all checked my eyes but said thereRead more

Mr Michael Lum
Life Long Migraine Gone 50, training director

I first learnt my spine has a sideway curve 8 years ago when I went for a full body massage. The masseuse traced the curvature with her finger. I dismissed it as an abnormality I was probably born with and thought no more of it as I had no pains nor aches anywhere, not evenRead more

Jacqueline T
Scoliosis Won’t Hold Me Back!

Backache had plagued me for more than 20 years. I thought it was due to bad posture of work-related. Acupuncture and massage only give me temporary relief. When I experienced tingling sensation and numbness in my left arm and fingers, I sought the help of an orthopedic surgeon. After a few sessions of tractions andRead more

Lucy Koh
Retired Teacher Avoids Surgery - 54 yrs old

I injured my back whilst doing housework some 20 years ago. Unfortunately I did not consult any specialist to take care of the injury. The pain comes and goes every now and then and at time the pain was very excruciating even to the extend to immobilized me. I consulted the physiotherapist only when theRead more

Madam Chan Cheng Ha
Finding A Better Alternative to Surgery 62 yrs old

As you know, after many months of hesitation about doing changing my diet I have recently decided to take the plunge. To my surprise, I found after four days of the diet by Dr Kevin my blood pressure went below the usual 80/120 and I lost four kilos at the same time. Moreover, there wasRead more

Tan Poh Ghee
Tan Poh Ghee - Scoliosis and Hypertension Improved!

When my parents discovered that I was "limping" when I was nearly thirteen, they became worried that my left leg is shorter than the right. After consulting a family friend who was a senior nurse, I was brought to a specialist in a hospital to be examined. I had never thought how all those fussingRead more

Low Cher Ching
Solution to My Scoliosis 33 years old

My neurosurgeon, who condemned me to a wheelchair after failed low back surgery, told me it would extremely dangerous to see a chiropractor. Well, I figured if I was going to be in a wheelchair permanently in a few months, how could a chiro make it any worse. I had a huge wad of scarRead more

Mr Yoh
65 years old

Before I met Dr Kevin Lau, I had severe lower back ache, high cholesterol and massive digestive problems. I consulted many doctors, specialist and therapist of all types, only to have the pain reoccur when I stopped the treatment. Massages were a constant fixture in my weekly schedule for as long as I can remember!Read more

Li Ai Lay
Teacher , Age 56

I love to golf. I have been golfing for years, and it is my favourite thing to do in my spare time. This past year, I began experiencing pain in my neck that radiated down my left arm whenever I swung a golf club or exercised. When my golf game began to suffer, I knewRead more

Damien Ng

I have been experiencing back for years. It started when I was in playing professional tennis in Slovakia during after an injury during a tournament. When it first happened I ignored my pain thinking that it would go away which in a few days it did. But over the years it kept coming back andRead more

Andrej Ziman
Tennis Pro

My mother has been complaining about pain in her back for as long as I can remember. After my father passed away, she came to live with my family. At times the pain in her back was very bad. The pain also travelled down her right leg. Soon she began to suffer falls, and IRead more

Olga D.

I have suffered from back pain for most of my adult life. As a child, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, but my parents were told that it wasn't bad enough to require surgery. My parents were concerned about my posture, but two different specialists told them the same thing-the curve was not that bad, andRead more

Alice C.
San Francisco, USA

I am 19 years old, and I came to Singapore to study English. I am originally from the Ukraine. I pay for my schooling by working as a model. The modeling agency I work for remarked to me that my posture seemed a little “off”, and that I needed to work on it. I knewRead more

Anna M.
19 years old

Our son Matthew is very involved with school athletics and had scoliosis. He plays both soccer and basketball as his electives in school. Sports are very important to Matthew. We have been to specialists about Matthew's spine as he was diagnosed with scoliosis during his early teens. They have mentioned the possibility of surgery toRead more

Matthew T.

I have had scoliosis since I was a teen. My mother also had scoliosis, and when she got older she developed a very stooped posture. I have always been afraid that the hunched posture would happen to me as well. In my thirties, I started noticing frequent pain in my upper back and shoulders. IRead more

Julia H.
New Zealand

At the age of 62, 46 degrees to 39 degrees and all because of Dr. Kevin Lau With the number of visits to doctors, orthopedics, chiropractics and physiotherapist in the last 12 years, there was not much hope that I had for the scoliosis that I had been diagnosed with. But then there is alwaysRead more

Irene K.
62 yr old Grandmother

I was eleven years old when I discovered I had scoliosis through a routine school exam. My curvature was 10-20 degrees and not deemed significant enough to require a brace or surgery. Doctors continued to monitor me every six months, with no noticeable deterioration. I was lucky that I never was forced to wear aRead more

Irene T.
25 yr old, Office Worker

When I was 12 years old, the government sent nurses to each school to do a scoliosis check up on all students. But I was the only one being called out to a tiny room. The nurses inside all looked at me with a worried look. I never forget that day. They asked me toRead more

Lim Ching Mae
19th May 2010

I was first diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of eleven. My spine had a significant deterioration of the spine at 38 degrees in the lower curve and 40 degrees in the upper curve. My doctors were extremely concerned at the severity although I didn't suffer from any pain at the time. I only noticedRead more

L. Si Hui
18yr old, Student