X-Ray Review & Analysis Service

X-Ray Review & Analysis Service

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Do you need a second opinion? With Dr. Kevin Lau’s help, you will receive an accurate assessment of your scoliosis based on your latest x-ray. You will receive an comprehensive, objective and accurate report on your scoliosis including its severity (Cobb angle), bone age (Risser Sign) and percentage risk of progression.

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Understanding Your Scoliosis Just Became Easier

  • Did you recently get an x-ray for scoliosis and want to double check the measurements?
  • Do you need a second opinion after receiving conflicting measurements from different specialists?

Our company ScolioLife™ provides X-ray analysis services to scoliosis patients to better understand their condition. You can upload your X-ray to our website, and Dr Kevin Lau will personally analyze your scoliosis and give you a 8 page comprehensive report so you have a better understanding of your condition.

Obtaining a second x-ray report may have several advantages:

  1. Improved accuracy: A second report can provide a fresh perspective and help confirm or clarify the findings of the first report. This can be especially helpful if the first report was incomplete or difficult to interpret.
  2. Different expertise: Different radiologists may have different areas of expertise and may be able to provide a more detailed or specialized interpretation of the x-ray.
  3. Confidence in diagnosis: Getting a second opinion can provide additional confidence in the diagnosis and treatment plan, particularly if the issue is a serious or complex one.
  4. Alternative treatment options: A second report may suggest alternative treatment options that were not considered in the first report.
  5. Peace of mind: For many people, getting a second opinion can provide peace of mind and help them feel more confident in the course of treatment.

What is Cobb Angle and Risser Sign?

  • The Cobb angle is a measure used to assess the degree of curvature in the spine in cases of scoliosis. The Risser sign, on the other hand, is a measure used to assess the stage of skeletal maturity in children and adolescents.

    Both the Cobb angle and the Risser sign are important measures used in the evaluation and management of scoliosis. The Cobb angle helps to determine the severity of the curvature, while the Risser sign helps to determine the likelihood of the curvature progressing or worsening over time. Together, these measures can help doctors determine the best course of treatment for a patient with scoliosis.

Detailed X-ray Report for Scoliosis

We at ScolioLife™ leverage the most advanced, hi-tech scoliosis X-ray technology to measure Cobb angle and Risser sign to offer you the most accurate results possible.

We will send you a detailed x-ray report for scoliosis which would typically include information about the location, direction, and degree of curvature in the spine, as well as any other findings that are relevant to the condition. For example, the report might include the following information:

  • The location of the scoliosis, such as whether it is in the thoracic (mid-back) or lumbar (lower back) region of the spine.
  • The direction of the scoliosis, such as whether it is a left or right curve, and whether it is a thoracic or thoracolumbar curve.
  • A working diagnosis of your complaint. What it is and what’s most likely to be causing it.
  • A prognosis of your case. How it’s expected to progress/develop, or, how long it should take to get better.
  • The degree of curvature in the spine, as measured by the Cobb angle.
  • The skeletal age, as measured by the Risser Sign.
  • The type of scoliosis, such as idiopathic (meaning of unknown cause) or congenital (present at birth).
  • The presence of any other abnormalities or findings on the x-ray, such as spondylolisthesis (slippage of one vertebra over another) or osteoporosis (thinning of the bones).
  • The overall shape and alignment of the spine, and any other relevant information about the patient’s condition.

Overall, a detailed x-ray report for scoliosis would provide comprehensive information about the condition, including its location, direction, and degree of curvature, as well as any other relevant findings. This information can be crucial for doctors in making treatment decisions and monitoring the progress of the condition.

For a better understanding of your scoliosis, buy our x-ray analysis service and upload your x-rays today!


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