Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Care With Dr. Kevin Lau

Relieve yourself of back pain and enjoy free mobility by allowing Dr. Kevin Lau treat you with his hands.

Are you suffering from back cramp, neck strain or any stress-related pain? Then Chiropractic Care is what you are looking toward. Scoliosis and Spine Correction Clinic situated in Singapore is a developed and modern clinic that can reliably manage your spinal correction problems and back pains.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care Help

The crux of back pain is actually the misalignments of the vertebral joints of the body. The chiropractic care simple aligns back the unplaced joints and thus relieves the patients with the stress and pain in the body. A chiropractor thus enables the body function in a normal and regular way and even promotes the body to heal itself and stay healthy and well-functioned.

The Philosophy behind Chiropractic care

Many people unfamiliar with chiropractic care may wonder what differentiates it from traditional medical approaches, or physical therapy. The goal of chiropractic is similar to that of its counterparts, in that it seeks to aid in the management and recovery process for patients with an illness or injury. The difference is that chiropractic focuses on the whole body by way of the nervous system, noting that the spine contains many connection points for nerves across the body.

Chiropractic doctors diagnose conditions by seeking out misplaced vertebrae (also called subluxations) in the spine, which can cause nerve pressure. This pressure can block vital nutrients from reaching organs and muscles from head to toe. The chiropractor will correct these subluxations and prescribe a wellness plan to promote overall health and solutions to the problem area at the same time. This plan may include further adjustments, stretches or light exercises or muscle stimulation.

Many different conditions, from asthma to herniated discs have the ability to be managed with chiropractic. This is another way chiropractic stands out from other medical practitioners. While general practitioners are able to treat and diagnose many simple ailments, there are also dozens of other types of doctors and specialists that you may get referred to – all for the same illness or injury. Chiropractic doctors try to manage not just the main problem in a patient, but will also work to boost the immune system in order to promote overall wellness.

Chiropractic treatment is also an affordable way to promote overall wellness. Studies have shown that regular chiropractic adjustments can lead to a drop in overall hospital visits. Many insurance companies now cover chiropractic, since it may reduce overall healthcare costs in the end. Used both in a preventative and recovery manner, the treatments may help boost immunity and speed the healing process for several different maladies. They do say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and chiropractic may be the little pinch you need.

Advantages of Chiropractic Care

Seeking chiropractic care for back pain is a common practice in Singapore. Back pain can be a result of an accident, an injury, lifting too much weight or simply due to an unnatural hasty movement. You must however remember that seeking solutions from a chiropractor becomes essential when you are suffering consistently with no relief from back pain and that too over large span of time and no other treatments have worked for you. At this point, you should really consult a chiropractic care help. Greater locomotion and comparatively lesser pain are experienced when a chiropractor aligns the joints of your body. Several of our Singaporean patients who have been suffering back pains over years have approved and appreciated our chiropractic aid and facilities as they enabled them to again enjoy a happy and healthy life again without them stressing over the back pain.

A modern chiropractic clinic should be equipped with recent state of art chiropractic apparatus and machines to diagnose with validity and reliability and provide their patients with the best possible curing opportunities. Spinal screenings and spinal correction therapies are enhanced and done properly with the help of modern technology. And hopefully with proper treatment and guidance from chiropractic care along with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle which comprises chiropractic exercises and physical therapy will help strengthen your body to overcome future diseases and return pain and stress.

Who should seek Chiropractic care?

Anyone who requires Chiropractic care should seek for one. Chiropractic care is for everyone from children to adults to pregnant women. It helps relieve pain to pregnant women just before and during pregnancy, it is beneficial for children with back, neck and joint aches and people who feel stress from upper cervical pains and aches. All genders, children and adult that is people of all ages can seek for chiropractic treatment and they will find very helpful and stress relieving. Anyone interested in getting chiropractic treatment should always seek help from a doctor or a licensed chiropractor to ensure reliable and quick recovery from stress and pain.

To enjoy a professional and reliable chiropractic care, please utilize the facilities provided by Orchard Clinic office of Scoliosis & Spine Correction Clinic.


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