Case 33: Female, 13 years old

Xrays before and after 33 ENDr Kevin Lau customises the 3D Brace personally for each patient so that the maximum in brace correction can be achieved as can be seen in these before and after x-rays. Here is an example of why this brace has the potential to not only prevent scoliosis but also correct it too.

Too often the boston brace and soft braces do not create enough shift in through the spine to allow it to change. These older models usually seen in most hospitals merely applied pressure against visible humps along the patient’s figure in effort to prevent any further curvature in the spine, compressing the trunk and potentially resulting in pain or even difficulty with breathing down the road.

However, new developments in brace technology have shown doctors that there is a way to help their patients achieve the maximum correction possible. It’s also led to the construction of the most comfortable braces that have ever been available on the market.