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According to the National Scoliosis Foundation, about six to nine million people in the United States have scoliosis. That’s roughly 2-3 percent of the population. Sadly, most of these people don’t get access to treatment outside of the standard bracing and surgery approach.

That’s despite most scoliosis patients suffering from intense pain. According to one study, 73% of scoliosis patients reported severe back pain compared to only 28% of the population without the condition.

Is there anything you can do to better the access to scoliosis treatment?

Yes. You can become a ScolioLife franchisee and bring non-surgical scoliosis treatment to your community. Let’s learn how.

Why Consider a ScolioLife Method Franchise?

Traditionally, when curvatures are mild, scoliosis treatment takes a “watch-and-wait for surgery” approach, which can waste valuable time when treatment success rates are the highest. When the curves get worse, patients are usually prescribed to wear cumbersome braces for more than 20 hours daily without tangible results or improvements.

If the curves continue to worsen, invasive spinal surgery is recommended, which is expensive and risks long-term complications.

ScolioLife Method offers a better treatment option.

A natural treatment developed by Dr. Kevin Lau, the creator of the ScolioLife Method, this scoliosis treatment method numbs the pain of scoliosis while correcting it naturally.

The whole treatment is based on our desire to give “Scoliosis Results You Can See!”

We are proud of the fact that we are able to achieve scoliosis results on a regular basis which are not only shown on x-rays but also visually when looking at a person’s back.

Award Winning System

Some of the awards he’s won over his illustrious career include:

Healthcare Professional of the
Year – Straits Time 2006

Chiropractic Specialist Center of the Year
Award – Global Health Asia Pacific 2021

Best Specialist Chiropractic Center Singapore Award – APAC SE Asia Business Awards 2020, 2021, 2022

ScolioLife Method of Scoliosis Treatment

ScolioLife seeks to inspire innovative solutions for preventive and corrective treatments for scoliosis. The company’s ethos is to use state-of-the-art technology to create, promote, and share strategies for optimal health and balanced living.

The ScolioLife System, an exclusive scoliosis therapy devised by Dr. Kevin Lau, follows this ethos. The system is a non-surgical therapy and exercise program combining some of the most reliable treatments used globally to treat and manage scoliosis effectively.

The ScolioLife System uses nutritional support principles plus dynamic and static scoliosis equipment to correct the spine’s alignment. It is backed by years of research into possible causes of scoliosis to address the root cause of the problem and offer a lasting solution for all stages of life.

Dr. Kevin Lau has also authored many books and journals on scoliosis and how you can approach it as a patient and practitioner offering treatment. His books also cover scoliosis in parenthood. The book An Essential Guide for Scoliosis and a Healthy Pregnancy gives practical knowledge on handling conception and pregnancy in scoliosis.

There’re also videos, such as The Scoliosis Exercises for Prevention and Correction, which packs a comprehensive compilation of scoliosis correction exercises for patients.

Getting a ScolioLife Franchise

A ScolioLife franchise gives you the opportunity and power to bring life-changing medical
solutions and technologies to your community.

Medical franchising has only been getting better over the years. According to recent data from the Franchise Times, revenue for individual and corporate medical franchises increased by 9.2% from 2019 to 2020.

This is not just an opportunity to make money while offering a powerful solution for scoliosis patients in your community. Our franchise plan calls for one ScolioLife clinic per city, which means that you will be your city’s reference scoliosis treatment center.

This arrangement works for new chiropractic clinic set ups or established clinics that wish to expand their portfolio with a new approach to treating scoliosis.

Before opening the ScolioLife Clinic franchise, you get full training and support from Dr. Kevin Lau on the ScolioLife Method of treating scoliosis. Additionally, you’ll learn how to incorporate ScolioAlign brace into your practice to provide your patients with the most effective scoliosis bracing treatments available today.

Comprehensive Tools for Your Franchise’s Success

ScolioLife offers you a franchise equipped with tools that’ll guarantee your success. These include:

Highly Effective Marketing

A great clinic can only operate if there're enough patients to reward the hard work and quality of results you provide. Most chiropractors struggle with marketing, leaving their practices at the mercy of unforgiving market forces.

With ScolioLife Systems, you get an all-encompassing marketing system that takes the guesswork off advertising and marketing your ScolioLife franchise.

You only have to set aside a small portion of your gross sales for brand-building and marketing activities done by the ScolioLife brand. ScolioLife will periodically account for the spending of this group marketing fund so that you're entirely aware of how your franchise's marketing dollars are being spent for improving sales in your territory.

ScolioLife Systems also offers these services as part of its training initiative to teeth out any difficulties facing the launch and marketing publicity of the franchise territory.

You also have a franchise marketing kitty where you're required to set aside a certain amount of funds for marketing and advertising purposes, not unless agreed differently by ScolioLife in your franchise agreement.

Operational Systems to Scale and Simplify

Chiropractors face unique challenges that are difficult to solve. However, ScolioLife System has unique solutions to these problems.

Our system allows you to manage day-to-day operations with fewer challenges than other franchises. We employ state-of-the-art proprietary technology to ensure running a ScolioLife franchise is straightforward.

Some of the bits of our system that make this possible include:

  • Client Patient Management System – We offer each franchisee a modern, powerful client patient management system to help run the operations of their clinic. Before setting up the franchise, the franchisee must foot initial setup costs and the yearly operation costs from the 2nd year onward.
  • Modern chiropractor equipment – We also offer our franchisees modern chiropractor equipment and tools to use.

Easy and Modern Training & Learning

A great team dictates the success of a chiropractic clinic. The challenge for most clinics is finding the right talent and offering them the proper training based on the systems used in the clinic. Training and learning can often be expensive for most clinics, leading to poor staffing and lackluster performance by the team.

That's not the case with a ScolioLife Systems franchise.

We offer an online learning management system that provides comprehensive training for your staff on using our proprietary scoliosis treatment system to improve patient outcomes and success.

You can provide at least one member of your staff for a 10-day training covering three days of management training and seven days of therapist training.

The training includes setting up the standard clinic, understanding the operating workflow, and training therapists on all ScolioLife systems and methodologies.

ScolioLife also sends one staff member from the brand to offer pre-opening and opening support for your franchise for an aggregate of five days covering one trip. We cater for all our staff bills during these five days.

Book a Meeting with ScolioLife

Are you interested in transforming the lives of possibly millions of people in your city struggling with scoliosis? Contact us today for more information on franchising opportunities and become the leading scoliosis treatment facility in your city.

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