Straighten Your Spine Without Surgery

Say goodbye to your scoliosis with our award-winning clinic's groundbreaking non-invasive methods.

Non-Invasive Treatments

Our clinic proudly introduces game-changing, non-invasive treatments for your Scoliosis. Experience painless solutions towards improved posture and enhanced quality of life.

Comprehensive Facility

Feel at ease knowing that you are being treated at a state-of-the-art facility. ScolioLife's Clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technological equipment to provide you with the highest standard of care.

Proven Results

Get your posture back at our Scoliosis clinic that demonstrates proven results. Over 20, 000 of our patients have seen significant results and improved their Scoliosis. Pave your way to a healthier spine and a life of increased comfort and mobility.


Praise From Patients

Anitha V
Anitha V
Our son is 10 year old and as a mom, it was certainly devastating to know that he has Scoliosis. But we are so thankful to God and the universe for showing us ScolioLife. We are from India and initial consultation with Dr. Lau was through online. In this online meeting, Dr. Lau looked at every detail including diet, exercise, etc and we were thoroughly impressed. We then travelled to Singapore to get the brace. It’s worth every penny we spent here. The brace provided was much easier to wear and has helped in the reduction of curve. Dr. Lau and his team are very welcoming and listens to every query with loads of patience. I highly recommend.
Ronnie Tan
Ronnie Tan
Dr Lau is friendly and able to answer to you needs,and most importantly they don't do hardcore hard selling their products and packages.Would recommend to my relatives and friends. Thank u
I think this place is amazing as they provide non painful treatments for scoliosis patients. The staff is also very friendly and helpful
William Chung
William Chung
近期,我和12岁的女儿从槟城去到在新加坡的ScolioLife诊所进行了为期5天的强化训练。同时,我们也为女儿准备了脊柱侧弯支具。我们在诊所的经历非同寻常。工作人员十分的热情周到,且这个项目是专门为我女儿准备的。专家和治疗师都十分有学问和敬业,他们在项目中提供了许多个性化的指导。 ScolioLife诊所所定制的5天强化计划十分全面,且结合了传统和创新的脊柱侧弯治疗方法。治疗师们十分专业且富有同情心,他们会确保我女儿理解这些运动并能够正确的进行。除此之外,该诊所还提供了高质量的脊柱侧弯支具,并进行了适当的安装和调整以获得最佳的舒适度和有效性。在整个治疗过程中,我们都得到了很大的帮助。
Arkesh Korat
Arkesh Korat
I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact ScolioLife Clinic has had on my life. Thanks to their expertise and support, my scoliosis condition has significantly improved, allowing me to regain comfort and mobility. The team's commitment to helping patients achieve the best possible outcomes is truly commendable. If you are seeking exceptional scoliosis care, I wholeheartedly recommend ScolioLife Clinic. Their professionalism, expertise, and compassionate approach make them stand out among other clinics. Trust them with your scoliosis journey, and you will receive the highest level of care and support that will undoubtedly lead to positive and life-changing results.
Krishna Savani
Krishna Savani
Our journey to Singapore for our daughter's scoliosis treatment was nothing short of amazing. We opted for the 5-day program, which we spread over 2 weeks to ensure it was manageable and less exhausting for her. The flexibility offered by the program made a significant difference in our overall experience. From the moment we stepped into the treatment facility, we were impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of the staff. They were attentive, caring, and highly skilled in their respective roles. Dr. Kevin Lau, in particular, played a crucial role throughout the entire treatment process. His expertise, guidance, and support were invaluable, giving us confidence in the decisions we were making for our daughter's health. One aspect that stood out to us was the personalized attention given to our daughter's needs. Dr. Lau went above and beyond in designing and creating a custom scoliosis brace specifically tailored to her condition. This level of dedication and attention to detail truly made a difference in her treatment journey. We understand that committing to a treatment program abroad can be a daunting decision, both in terms of time and financial investment. However, we can confidently say that every moment and every penny spent in Singapore was well worth it. The progress our daughter made in such a short period was remarkable, and we are grateful for the expertise and care she received. Dr Kevin is the best doctor We found👍
Joey Yew
Joey Yew
Really nice and friendly environment, really recommend
ace a
ace a
Staff was friendly and kind. When i was unsure of what to do, the staff kindly guided me. Furthermore, they answered each and everyone of my enquires with patience.
Random Stuffs
Random Stuffs
Enjoyed my team greatly at scoliolife! Compared to the other scoliosis clinics i went to so far, this clinic in particular definitely has had a huge impact on my scoliosis! If anyone has scoliosis and wants to fix it, i recommended looking into this clinic first! Trust me you wont regret it!
Sleepy Pop
Sleepy Pop
Really great staff and treatment was excellent! My scoliosis curve was corrected by 15 degrees after the treatment! Couldnt recommend this more!

$80 (U.P $190)

60-Minutes (inclusive of consultation & trial treatment)

Encompasses a consultation with Dr. Kevin Lau, assessment of xrays, postural analysis, scoliosis exercises, adjustments, and a comprehensive report of findings.

Valid for first time patient and patient who have not visited for the past 1 year.

Valid for weekdays before 6pm.

Valid for Singaporeans/ PRs/ All Passes

To claim this offer please ensure to mention the unique coupon code SPECIAL24

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The benefits of the world-class scoliosis treatment at
ScolioLife™Clinic include

No More Fear

We know that treating Scoliosis can be scary. Our non-surgery methods help take away that fear.

Ease Your Pain

The constant discomfort from Scoliosis can be tough to handle. Our special care is designed to lessen this pain.

Move Better

Don't let Scoliosis limit how you move. Our clinic can help improve your flexibility and movement.

Boost Your Confidence

Scoliosis can affect how you feel about your looks. Our treatments aim to improve your posture, so you can feel better about yourself.

Clear Your Doubts

Not knowing if a treatment will work can be stressful. We are proud to show our successful results.

Time is Precious

Long treatments can eat up your day. We offer quick care that doesn't waste your time.

Feel Energized

Living with Scoliosis can make you tired. Our treatments aim to boost your energy levels.

Save Your Money

Scoliosis treatments can drain your wallet. We provide affordable solutions, without letting down on quality.

Frequently Asked Question

Non-invasive treatment is suitable for any patient suffering from scoliosis however the treatment plan may vary depending on the degree and progression of your scoliosis, age, and overall health condition.

Our clinic offers a variety of treatments, including scoliosis-specific exercises, physical therapy, and different forms of spinal alignment devices. The exact treatment plan varies depending on your specific needs.

Your initial visit involves a detailed evaluation of your spine, posture, and overall physical health. It may also include imaging to keep track of your progress. We'll then discuss potential treatment options.

Yes! You can continue your daily routines and participate in low-impact sports. We'll provide individualized recommendations based on your treatment plan.

Non-invasive treatments are less risky, carry fewer side effects, and have quicker recovery times compared to surgery. Without being cut open, non-invasive treatments can manage symptoms, halt progression and improve overall spinal alignment.

Typically, non-invasive treatments are well tolerated. However, some brace wearers might experience discomfort or skin irritation initially. Our team will guide you through this process to minimize any potential issues.

While non-invasive treatments are primarily aimed at correcting spine curvature, they can also provide significant relief from scoliosis-related pain for many patients.

Absolutely. Progress is typically assessed through regular analyses of your posture and spinal curvature, with updates provided during consultation appointments.

While referrals can expedite the process, they are not required. You can directly schedule an appointment with us.

Non-invasive treatments are aimed at managing and reducing the symptoms of scoliosis, preventing further progression, and improving the quality of life. While these methods can greatly improve spinal curvature, complete 'cure' cannot be guaranteed.

Coverage can vary based on your insurance plan. It is recommended to check with your insurance company or our front office can assist in verifying your benefits.


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